Which Hero Is Best For Starting The Raid Game?

You will face a very difficult decision when you first open Raid: Shadow Legends. Choose one of the four heroes from the list. It might be difficult to choose a class that will carry you through the entire game.

If that’s your concern, you’ve reached the right place. Today’s article will cover the 4 main characters and the Raid Shadow Legends best starting hero.

Are you eager to find the right one for you? Let’s get started!


Her skills and sheer strength are my favorite guide. She can take down enemy units one-by-one, but she can also damage multiple enemies simultaneously.

– Faction: Telrians – High Elves

– Rare

– Trait: Attack

Elhain’s Skills:

  • Keen Shot Attacks one enemy and places another hit, if she is able to deal a critical strike.
  • Lightning Arrow: Kills one enemy and then all (AoE). If she kills an enemy, she will get an Increased Crit Rate buff for 3 turns.
  • Valley Of Death Attacks all enemies 2 times


Kael and Elhain are so good that it was hard to choose between them. I chose Elhain but Kael was my second choice. He heavily relies on Damage Over Time. This is very powerful when fighting against single targets (especially bosses). You can stack those poisons continuously.

– Faction: Dark Elves

– Rare

– Trait: Attack

Kael’s Skills

  • Dark Bolt Attacks 1 enemy and has the potential to poison them for 2 turns.
  • Acid Rain Attacks all foes and Kael’s Turn Meter recharges for 25% whenever an enemy dies.
  • Disintegrate – Attacks 4 enemies randomly and has the chance to poison them for 2 turns.


Galek is an excellent choice if you enjoy debuffs and… more debuffs. Galek can inflict many debuffs on enemies, making them extremely vulnerable, especially if there is another strong attacker in the team. This is not the character I chose. However, if you are looking to get a solid attacker quickly, he could be a good choice.

– Faction: Gaellen Pact – Orcs

– Rare

– Trait: Attack

Galek’s Skills

  • Cross Slash Attacks one enemy twice
  • Hellraiser Attacks all foes and puts a Speed buff on him for 2 turns.

Cursed blade: Attacks randomly 4 times. If the target has more debuffs than 2, they have a chance to place another debuff that decreases their defense for 2 turns. There are many, many debuffs, as I mentioned. ?


She is not my favorite character, and I must admit that I don’t like her. Her skills are largely dependent on her being the key attack, and judging by the buffs she has, I don’t think she could be very useful in the end-game to be a stable character. You will summon another one with better stats and skill, so I don’t consider her to be very good. There are still some interesting things about her. If you’re interested in getting Athel, do it!

– Faction: telerians – Sacred Order

– Rare

– Trait: Attack

Athel’s Skill:

  • Strike down: Attacks 3 enemies with the chance to inflict 2 Weaken debuffs.
  • Higher blessing: Buffs her Attack. If her health falls below 50%, she will also get a Defense buff and an additional Turn.
  • Divine Blades Attacks all enemies (AoE).

These are the starting characters. Elhain is my recommendation if you are looking for something that does consistent and high damage throughout the game. Kael is the best option because he’s reliable and does a lot of damage, even to single targets.

Galek is a great addition to your team and a good start-wise choice.

Remember that the heroes you select at the beginning do not have to be the only ones! Keep playing if you want all the heroes, even the beginning ones. You will eventually get them all!

This means that even if your choice isn’t the best, or you aren’t happy with it yet, you can still play with any hero you choose and simply spam the stages that drop good heroes or Elhain or Kael.

These are our top choices for Raid: Shadow Legends’ best starting hero! You can share your beginning experience with us, or if you have any other opinions.