The finest Halloween costume ideas for babies

Hello, and welcome to our comprehensive guide of the greatest baby Halloween costumes for the year 2021. It’s time to ditch the Huggies and Pampers in favor of something a little more appropriate for Halloween!

It’s not just about dressing up in your scariest mask and costume for Halloween; it’s also about turning your tiny ones into a bundle of joy on October 31st. Who could be scared of a baby vampire, after all?

We have a wide range of baby Halloween costume ideas, and the toy store for newborns to toddlers, including animals, spiders, and pumpkins, so you’re sure to discover the right outfit for your little angel (or devil).

Princess Pumpkin

The pumpkin, one of the most well-known symbols of Halloween, kicks off our selection of the greatest baby Halloween costumes. It’s time to carve some spooky eyes and mouths into pumpkins and place them outside your front door.

Pumpkins don’t have to be scary all the time, so dress up your little princess in our pumpkin costume. Even if you tried, you wouldn’t be able to make her look menacing!

Famous & Witches

We’ll now move on to a traditional Halloween character to dress up as. They’re ruthless, enjoy learning new spells, and are usually accompanied by their feline companion.

Whatever disguise your precious witch adopts, she won’t be half as frightening as the witches from Hocus Pocus! In our Witch & Famous Costume, she’ll be casting spells like no other… Sabrina Who wants to be the Teenage Witch?

Baby witch in well-known costume

Those tall, unidentifiable figures covered in white fabric are quite frightening, and they’d make a terrific Halloween costume. For your baby, how about we mix the mummy-factor with the cute-factor?

When he wears the I Love My Mummy Costume, he may have a dark side, but you’ll always know he adores you with all his heart.

Stupid Spider

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time for your young one to start spinning some webs. Spiders, let’s face it, aren’t the cutest of creatures, and they’re frequently discovered lurking in the dark on floors, walls, and even beds…

Not all spiders, though, will make you want to flee. This Halloween, dress up your child as an eight-legged creature. With their heads protruding through the costume, they’ll look very adorable.

Count Cutie in a Baby Silly Spider Costume

It’s time for Count Dracula to make way for a new vampire in town! Vampires are known for their razor-sharp fangs, voracious appetite for human blood, and pale complexion… and, all in all, make for a frightening Halloween persona.

Make a gentler version of your child (without the terrifying fangs and blood!). This is one of our favorite baby costume ideas for Halloween!

Captain, the time has come for you to assume command of your own ship and set sail for the seven seas! They’ll be all hands on deck, with no slacking allowed, and any who do will be forced to walk the plank.

He’ll have the appearance of a cheeky pirate right out of Pirates of the Caribbean, but don’t confuse his sweetness for benevolence! Oooargh!

The next costume on our list of the greatest baby Halloween costume ideas is a departure from the norm. It’s time to chomp down on our Goofy Gator costume.

This is the croc for your infant if they like animals but want something a little more hazardous for Halloween (just watch out for those pointy gnashers!).

While this costume may not appear to be your normal baby Halloween costume, leopards are felines, and we all know how popular cats are to dress up as for Halloween. In our Leopard onesie, your kid will appear very charming and spotty. In no time, she’ll have perfected her’meow’!

This Halloween, as head baby, let your child take command of the gang! He may not appear as menacing as a genuine police officer, but he will not be deterred and will insist on complete order! You can even join forces with a toy dog to play the role of his companion.