Talk to Your Kids About Marijuana

There are many names for marijuana. According to the American Council for Drug Education, marijuana is dangerous and “far more dangerous that most users realize”.

Some users may try to get your children to use marijuana. It is possible that your children are already using it. However, experimentation can lead to frequent use or abuse. These marijuana facts should be shared with your children. These facts should be repeated to your children.

* The potency of today’s marijuana is 300 times greater than that of the past. .

* Marijuana can be used as a gateway drug to other drugs. Around 60% of children under 15 who have tried marijuana use it to get into the habit of using cocaine. (American Council for Drug Education).

You don’t know what your marijuana purchase is. You may mix marijuana with harmful substances, such as crack cocaine, PCP, and formaldehyde. (NIDA)

* Daily users might have difficulty paying attention, following a subject and processing information. These effects linger for hours after marijuana use. (

* Marijuana can slow down your reaction time, impair your judgement, and make it more difficult to respond to road signals. Driving while under the influence is dangerous. (NIDA Teens: Marijuana).

* All cigarettes can be dangerous. However, marijuana cigarettes are even more dangerous because they do not have filters and contain between 50-70% more harmful substances. The users are at high risk of developing lung, mouth, and larynx cancers. (

* Marijuana can make your heart beat 50% faster than normal. This can be frightening. Marijuana users who use it long-term may develop high blood pressure and decreased blood flow, which can lead to an inability to exercise. buy weed online in canada

* Teens who are under the influence may engage in casual sexual sex. This can lead to pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). American Council for Drug Education

* Heavy marijuana consumption can cause hormonal imbalances. It may take longer for your body to mature if you are male. You may also have lower sperm production. Females may experience irregular monthly cycles and decreased ovulation.

* Marijuana abuse can lead to mental disorders such as anxiety, paranoia, and schizophrenia. It’s impossible to know what is real anymore.

* Heavy marijuana users could suffer from “prolonged” (long-term brain damage, and may become “pot heads.” Researchers aren’t sure if the damage is permanent.

The illegal and addictive drug marijuana is. Talk to your children about the dangers associated with marijuana use today, tomorrow and for the future. Your message should be clear and firm: Stop using pot.