Strategies and Tips For Better Casino Gameplay

Strategy is a way to approach an activity in a way that will help you reach your goals. When it comes to gambling, strategy and tactics are different. This is why I created this list of the top 10 casino gambling strategy tips.

You should not just go to the casino and deposit money if you are new to gambling at casino. You will lose money faster than you think. You won’t understand the whole thing, so you won’t have much fun.

As a novice casino gambler, it is advisable to learn as much information as possible about casino gambling before you actually step foot in a casino.

This is a great place to start.

1 – Know Your Goals

Without knowing your goals, you can’t create a strategy for anything. Most casino gamblers (95+) have a simple goal: to have fun and win some money. The thrill of winning a large jackpot might appeal to you, but it might be something that interests you more than the challenge of playing blackjack with the best odds.

Understanding your personality is the first step to understanding your goals. Are you a social gambler? Are you a social gambler? Do you like to have conversations with others while you gamble? Are you an introvert or do you prefer to be unbothered by your gambling activities?

Are you content with just a few wins? Are you prepared to take on a lot of losses if there is a lot to be had?

Are you an adrenaline junkie or not? Are you more comfortable with relaxing, laid-back activities? Are you concerned about how your decisions affect your chances?

These factors will influence your choice of casino game:

  • Blackjack is great for those who care about their decisions. Blackjack is not a great game for those who want to win big.
  • Craps is great for social gamblers who are addicted to adrenaline. It’s my opinion, the best casino game, even though there is no skill component.
  • Roulette is an excellent game for those who want something slower-paced and more relaxed. You don’t need any skill and can be social if you wish.
  • Introverts who are looking for a way to win a large jackpot can enjoy slot machines. However, the house edge in these games is very high. You’ll also lose more money on slot machines per hour than any other casino game.
  • Video poker offers many of the same advantages as slot machines but has a skill component to match their lower house edge.

2 – How the House Edge Works

You may have noticed that I mentioned “house edge” quite a few times. To make informed decisions as a casino gambler, it is important to understand the structure of the house edge.

The house edge is a mathematical prediction about how much you will lose per bet. It is expressed in percentages. A game with a 1% house advantage means that you will lose $1 for every $100 you bet on it. A game with a 5% house advantage will result in an average loss of $5 per $100.

All casino games have an edge. All bets have a house edge, with the exception of the craps odds bet. This is due to the discrepancy in your payouts and the odds you win.

Craps is an excellent example. For example, a hard way bet on 8 has a 10 to 1 chance of winning. For every win, you will lose on average 10 times.

The bet is only worth 9 to 1.

This is the source of the house edge. It’s easy to convert this number into a percentage.

You would win $900 if you placed $100 on 11 dice rolls. The other 10 rolls would result in $1000 losses. This is a net loss equal to $1000-$900 or $100

Divide $100 by 11 to calculate how much you’ll lose per roll. That’s $9.09.

The house edge is 9.09% because we used $100 as our bet size.

This is a high number. The house edge for most table games is much lower than this. Roulette has a house edge only 5.26%

3 – Manage Your Casino Gambling Bankroll

Bankingroll Management is much easier than it sounds. It’s easy to believe that it is the only way to go in terms of casino gambling strategy. It’s true in a certain sense. You’re doomed if you gamble with money that you can’t afford.

This is the first rule in casino bankroll management: Don’t spend money on gambling you don’t really need. It should not be used for any other purpose. This money is for your gambling hobby. This money is not used to buy tickets for shows or buffets.

You should set aside separate budgets to cover these other entertainment interests.

What is the point?

It is important to be disciplined in your gambling. This means that you must adhere to certain rules.

Also, ensure you have enough money to take part in the game you are interested in. These are guidelines to help you determine how many bets you will need to place to make a trip to a casino where there is a lot of gambling.

  • Blackjack -700-800 units
  • Craps – 100-200 units
  • Roulette – 10-20 units

These guidelines can be modified based on your preferences. The high house edge in roulette makes it a good choice for occasional indulgence. This is why the suggested bankroll is small. Craps is a great game because you can get on a hot streak.

Smart gamblers should play blackjack most of the time because it has the best odds of winning.

4 – Quit while you’re ahead

There are many money management tips that will help you to set win goals and stop loss limits. These arbitrary stopping points do not increase your chances of winning.

The bankroll size that is appropriate for a game with an edge over you by the house is actually infinite.

If you want to be a winner every once in a while, set a win target that will signal you when to stop. This win goal may be very small depending on how large your bankroll is.

One night, I played video poker and won $40 within 15 minutes. I had a win goal of doubling the $40 at the roulette table. I thought that since it was “house cash,” I would just place it on black. I won the game and walked out of the table. My dad was there with me, and he seemed impressed.

But he shouldn’t have been for two reasons:

This wasn’t the money of the house anymore. It’s your money once you win it. It’s foolish to gamble away your winnings just because you believe the money isn’t yours.
I bet that money on the worst odds at the casino. It would have been much better to put it on a hand at blackjack or a roll at the craps table.

5 – Forget Your Superstitions

“I don’t believe in superstition, but I do believe in stumbling.” -Michael Scott from The Office

The casinos would be insolvent if people’s intuitions had any influence on the outcome of games of chance, especially with so-called psychics. Understanding that casino gambling is a game based on math and random chance is key. Don’t be too religious. The outcome of the roulette wheel is not affected by your lucky ballcap.

The chance of winning an even-money wager on standard American roulette wheels is the same. There are 38 possible outcomes. 18 of these are winning outcomes. You have a chance of winning that bet 18/38. This is the same as 9/19. It is also the same as 47.37%.

This number doesn’t change depending on how you feel, what happened on the previous spin or whether your hands are used to place the bet.

You should immediately abandon any superstitions about luck and winning at gambling.

You can win at casino gambling by gaining a mathematical advantage over the house.

6 – Avoid the Slot Machines

Slot machines are among the worst games at any casino. They have a higher house advantage than any other game. You are also encouraged to place higher stakes per hour than in any other game. Consider the hourly loss that an average player of slot machines will experience.

Although the house edge is 8%, we don’t know exactly what it is. This is the only casino game where the house edge cannot be calculated.

Average players place 600 bets an hour.

Let’s say you are betting $3/spin and that you put $1800 an hour into action. Your hourly loss would be $144 if you lose 8%.

Let’s now look at roulette. It has a house advantage of 5.26%. You can place 100 bets per hour at a roulette game table, if it’s empty. You might only be able to place 60 bets an hour at a busy roulette table.

You can bet $5 per spin. That’s 500 hours of action. Your hourly loss will be only $26.30 with a house edge at 5.26%.

This is a big difference and you may find yourself enjoying roulette more than you do slot machines.

The most skilled gamblers will still play blackjack, but they will also use a basic strategy. Their house edge is reduced to 1% by this strategy. If you are the only player at a slow blackjack table you will likely see 200 hands an hour. That’s $1000 per hour of action at $5 per hand. You can expect to lose $10 an hour with a 1% house edge.

Keep this in mind, last but not least:

The house edge for slot machines could be higher than 8 percent. This is just one example. There are some games that have a house edge between 12% and 16% or even 20%.

The hourly losses on these machines are $216, $288 and $360, respectively.

7 – Develop your powers of discernment

There are some casino games that offer better odds than others. There are many casino games that offer multiple bets. Usually, some bets have better odds than others. As a smart gambler, it is your responsibility to distinguish between good and bad games as well as between good and bad bets.

American roulette has a house advantage of 5.26%. However, you can also play European-style roulette with a house advantage of 2.70% at the same casino. It is not difficult to tell the difference between these two games.

Craps has bets that have a house advantage as low as 1.41 percent, but also offer bets that have a house advantage as high as 16.67%. It is important to know which bets have reasonable or better odds, and which ones offer crazy odds.

There are many rules to blackjack, but the most important is the “natural” payout. This is a payout of 3 to 2 for a hand with 21 cards. Some casinos offer a 6- to 5-payout on this hand.

The casinos make it sound like a great deal with their usual chutzpah. However, for $100, you can get a $150 payout on a 3 or 2 game, while $120 is available for the same bet at 6 or 5 tables.

It is worth taking a bit of time to learn before you visit the casino.

8 – Get the Comps you Deserve by Asking for them

Some people don’t want the cards of the players club. This is a mistake. To give you comps or rebates, the casino uses the players club card.

The free drink is one of the most common comps offered by most casinos. For that, you don’t even need a members club.

You must be a member to enjoy all the perks that gambling addicts receive in return for their actions. When you play, your membership card must be used.

These perks include cash rebates and travel benefits such as free hotel stays, meals, and tickets to free shows.

Why are people refusing the players club cards?

Many slot machine players believe that the odds of winning change when they insert their players club cards.

This is a fallacy for many reasons:

  • The casino does not have the incentive to alter the odds of winning at their slot games. They want you to play more. This is why they give you comps.
  • The best way to increase their profits is by spending more time at their machines. They will get you to spend more time at the machines to try to climb up the ranks of the players club hierarchy.
  • Payback percentages and house edges for slot machines are determined by the random number generator and payouts. The players club card does not do anything other than track how many and what amount of bets were made. They are completely separate.
  • Comps are not a way to gain an advantage over the casino. Some people, known as “comp wizards”, do. For an example, see Comp city by Max Rubin.

9 – Learn basic strategy in blackjack (and maybe learn to count cards too)

The house edge at most casinos is 0.5% to 1% if you play blackjack with a good basic strategy. The house edge will be closer to 4% to 5% if you play with your intuition or use your “card sense”, to make decisions.

What is the basic strategy?

This is the mathematically optimal play for every situation at the blackjack table. The decision is based on your total and the dealer’s face-up cards to determine the best play for you. A basic strategy chart is available in every casino gift shop.

If you are counting cards, and the results indicate that there is a change in strategy, then don’t deviate.

This brings me to tip #2:

You can and should learn to count blackjack cards.

It is easier than you might think.

The most important thing about counting cards is not memorizing the deck. It’s more about paying attention to the cards, adding or subtracting 1 from numbers in your head and paying attention. The probability of getting a blackjack is lower as the 10s and aces get dealt. The probability of getting a blackjack is higher when the smaller cards are dealt (the 2s and 3s), 4s, 5s and 6s).

Blackjack pays at 3 to 2. You should increase the size of your wagers when you have a better chance of winning. Other times, you will want to reduce the size of your wagers.

This ratio is easy to keep track of: Add 1 to the count for each small card, and subtract 1 from it for every large card. Many hands can cancel one another by having both a small and large card in the hand.

Simply increase your bet according to the number of people you have.

There is a lot more to it than that, but not too much.

You can enjoy a lot at the casino by becoming a skilled blackjack player. You may even be able gain an advantage over the casino to become a long-term winner.

10 – How to Play Video Poker

Video poker is far more fun than playing slot machines even though they are very similar. However, not all video poker games offer the same odds.

You can reduce the house edge to 0.5% if you are able to identify the full-pay video poker game . You must also be able make the best holding and discarding decisions for each hand.

The best part is that you can use your club card for slot machines to receive rebates on money you wager.


If you are new to gambling, a plan is essential. Instead, create a strategy before you go.

This requires having a plan to manage your bankroll and a bankroll. This also involves learning how to select the best games for you. It is crucial to be able to make the right decisions at the right time to minimize your losses and maximize your enjoyment.

Learning how to play video poker and blackjack at an expert level is your best bet. In either game, the house edge is below 1%. You can also learn card counting to get an edge on the casino.