IMDb’s Top 10 Game Shows of All Time

Since the beginning of television, the game Bingeable TV Shows have been a mainstay. Some game shows were only short-lived, while others lasted for decades. Many of the stalwarts are still on TV today. There are still some game shows that make their debut on TV, but most of them are remakes or revivals.

It’s not surprising that TV networks continue to air the most popular game shows to bring new life to them. A tried-and-true game show format can be kept relevant with an inexhaustible supply of contestants and hosts. Game show fans know which titles stand out among the rest when it comes to their opinions on IMDb.

10 Family Feuds – 7.1

Family Feud is one of the most popular game shows and ranks higher than many other long-running, active, similar shows when it comes down to IMDb rankings. It is a game that pits families and celebrities against each other. This makes it incredibly engaging and fun to play at home.

Family Feud was launched in 1976 and has been broadcast for 45 years. Although Richard Dawson was initially the show’s face, the show has seen many hosts over the years. Today, Steve Harvey is the host.

9 Figure It Out – 7.2.2

Nickelodeon’s heyday in the ’90s was a hub for game shows, cartoons, and children’s sitcoms. Although Nickelodeon’s classic game shows were geared towards children, the majority of them were still enjoyable for all audiences. Figure it Out is an exception, given its high IMDb score.

Figure it Out was an interactive game show in which contestants were interviewed by panelists to find out their secret skills. Figuring It Out was first introduced in 1997. While it is reminiscent of older game shows such as What’s My Line and I Have A Secret, it caters to younger audiences. The most memorable aspect of Figure It Out was Nickelodeon’s signature slime, which panelists were likely to consume throughout the entire show.

8.2 Double Dare

Another Nickelodeon game show Double Dare ranks among the top-rated shows on IMDb. This show required both brains as well as brawn, with two teams of contestants from children competing in stunt and trivia battles.

Double Dare was Nickelodeon’s first game show. It premiered in 1986. It was revived in 2000. However, the latest Double Dare series reboot by Nickelodeon arrived in 2018, with Liza Koshy serving as host. Double Dare is no longer in production, but it still serves as the foundation for all the great Nickelodeon game shows that came after.

7 Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket sweep is the epitome of 1990s game shows. This competition tests contestants’ shopping and trivia knowledge. It is entertaining, energetic, and loads of fun to watch. This may be why it is so popular with IMDb viewers.

Supermarket Sweeporiginally aired in the 1960s before a 1990 revival had a greater impact on viewers. In 2020, the series was resurrected with Leslie Jones as host. The current version of the series is airing on ABC. Many episodes of the Supermarket sweep can be streamed on Netflix.

6 Press Your Luck – 7.

One of the most energetic game shows is Press Your Luck. Press Your Luck was, like many other game shows. However, the main event was the light-up board with various prizes contestants could win by pressing a button. The board featured “whammies”, little animated red critters that would remove winning earnings.

“No whammies! No whammies!” Press your Luck‘s signature phrase, which contestants uttered as they tried to win big on the show. Its main run was 1983-1986. However, it was revived by ABC in 2019, hosted by Elizabeth Banks.

5 The Price is Right – 7.5

The Price Is Right is the longest-running game program in television history. It’s also one of the most rated shows of all time. The price is right began in the mid-1950s and then returned in the late 1960s. It took off in 1972 when it was relaunched with beloved host Bob Barker. Drew Carey hosts the show. It has been airing since 1972.

It’s simple in concept: Contestants are asked to guess the prices of everyday items and play minigames to win valuable prizes, including cash, cars, vacations, or all-expenses-paid vacations. The show’s quirky and enthusiastic contestants, as well as their humorous reactions to losing or winning, are one of its best features.

4. To Tell the Truth – 7.6

A panel of celebrities is asked to guess which contestants lie about their identities on the classic game show, To Tell The Truth. Celebrities are asked a series of questions to find out which contestant is real. To Tell the Truth‘s success can be attributed to the fun of guessing at home.

To Tell the Truth, is one of many classic game shows that have received a lot of replays since its debut. IMDb users love the original show, which aired from 1956 through 1968. However, audiences continue to love the concept and its success in remakes. With actor Anthony Anderson as host, the most recent revival was launched in 2016.

3 Legends Of The Hidden Temple: 8.1

Legends of the Hidden Temple is IMDb’s favorite Nickelodeon game show. The children’s game show is notable for its amazing set and Olmec, the talking stone head. To find the treasure in the temple, contestants had to overcome a range of obstacles, including puzzles and physical obstacles.

From 1993 to 1995, the original Legends Of The Hidden Temple was on the air. It is loved for its engaging, complex, and accessible nature that makes it appealing to all ages. The highly-anticipated reboot of the show is scheduled for October 2021 on The CW.

2 Jeopardy – 8.2

The long-running trivia game Jeopardy is so well-known that even casual TV viewers can enjoy it. The Jeopardy! format is a game in which contestants answer trivia facts and then answer in the form of questions.

The show’s legendary host Alex Trebek was a fixture since its 1984 revival. Jeopardy! saw several guest hosts in the years following Trebek’s passing in November 2020. Jeopardy! is still in good hands despite the controversy surrounding the replacement of Trebek. IMDb says that Jeopardy! will be remembered as one of the greatest game shows ever created.

1 Match Game – 8.3

IMDb users ranked the original the greatest game show on television, thanks to its hilarious celebrity panel and bizarre questions for contestants. Match Game contestants receive prompts to fill in the blanks and hope they can answer the same question as to the celebrity panelists (often Betty White and Richard Dawson).

Match Game was a game show but it was mostly remembered for its comedy. The hilarious mix of celebrities almost always resulted in witty bantering and funny responses that kept viewers engaged. The game itself was almost irrelevant. Although the Match Game was in existence from 1962 to 1969 it was not revived until 1973. This is what made audiences remember the game the most. The show has been remade many times over the years. Alec Baldwin hosted the last one.