Complete Guide For The Old Fashioned Glasses

The traditional old fashioned is the most popular cocktail. The classic tipple, which has been around since the 1880s and is still going strong today, deserves to be respected. Sir, the amber concoction is not meant to be served in any other glass. You need an old-fashioned glass.

These tumblers, also known as lowball or rocks glasses, are small and sturdy with wide mouths that allow all the wonderful Angostura and whiskey aromas to reach your nostrils. An old-fashioned glass can hold 6-8 oz of liquid and ice cubes. A double can hold 12-14 oz. The glass can also be used to serve straight scotch, bourbon, and sours, in addition to the cocktail it is named after.

These are the four best old-fashioned glasses available on Amazon. They will add class and elegance to any bar or drink cart.

1. Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Waterford Crystal is just like the old fashioned glass. Its rich heritage, which dates back to 18th century, and its glassware are full of old-world charm. Each glass is handcrafted from delicate, lead-free crystal and features a classic cut design. They are beautiful and feel great in the hand. Each tumbler is 3.75 inches tall by 3.3 inches wide. It can hold a double old fashioned and 11 oz. of booze. This set will add sophistication to your next cocktail hour.

2. MOFADO Crystal Whiskey Glasses

Mofado’s vintage fashioned glasses are made for cocktail lovers who love heavy, rich lowballs. Each glass can hold 12 ounces of spirits and weighs over a pound. You can have a double old-fashioned and an extra large ice cube. The thick, heavy bottom prevents tipple from breaking and makes it feel sturdy in your hands. They are stylish and big but not less fashionable. This sleek design is handblown using crystal–lead free, of course- for true clarity and brilliance. This set comes with two glasses. It is ideal for a drinks cart.

3. KANARS Old Fashioned glasses

These glasses are another set for traditionalists. They have a beautiful diamond-like pattern which gives them a wonderful texture and makes them sparkle in the sunlight. They are made from the highest quality lead-free crystal and have brilliant refraction so that any cocktail looks great. Each tumbler measures 3.8 inches in height and 3.2 inches across. It can hold 10 ounces and is virtually unbreakable thanks to the special “Platinum Glass” production process. These tumblers can also be washed in a dishwasher, so cleanup after a cocktail is easy. This set of four is packaged in an elegant gift box that makes a thoughtful gift for whiskey enthusiasts in your life.

4. Godinger Dublin Double Old Fashioned Glasses

Godinger, who has been working in crystal since 1973, is an expert on the subject and can make it sing. This set of four old-fashioned glasses features long, faceted cuts with a starburst pattern. It has a classic look. Each glass is 4 inches tall by 3.25 inches wide, and can hold 8 ounces of liquid. These glasses are the smallest of our selection, but large enough to hold an old-fashioned. The bottom of the lowball is heavily weighted, ensuring a steady, measured sip. This set can be used as a centerpiece in your bar, or even as a drink trolley.

An Art Deco Aesthetic

jaxson Old Fashioned Glass

Crate and Barrel’s Jaxson Glass has an Art Deco-inspired, hexagonal gold pattern. You can buy it as a standalone item or you can grab the matching decanter ($50).

The Vintage Hobnail Vibe

Jupiter Old Fashioned Glass

According to Pottery Barn, these glasses were inspired from glassware that was found at a Parisian flea marketplace. You can choose from four colors: clear, pink, clear, or smoke.

The Decanter Deal

After hours, old-fashioned glass

This set includes a pair of glasses and a decanter. It is normally $50 at Pottery Barn. However, it’s almost half off right now.

Simple Blown Glass

Bryn old fashioned glass

These glasses were made in Poland by master glassblowers. The result is sleek and would make a great addition for your bar cart.

A Elegant Gold Drinkware Set

gold rimmed drinkware

The drinkware set from West Elm includes four Old Fashioned glasses and an ice bucket. It also comes with a pair of ice spoons and a metal rack for storage. According to the description, everything is rimmed in antique brass.

For the dog (and pun) lover

Dog old-fashioned glass

This set is cheekily called “Hair of the Dog”, in reference to the hangover treatment. It includes four glasses featuring four dogs, each with accompanying descriptions of their “qualities, and quirks.”

A Waterford Splurge

Waterford Old Fashioned Glass

You can buy a pair of Waterford Crystal Old Fashioned glasses at $150 if you are feeling splurgey. They come with a gifting box.

Sleek Cut Crystal

Soho Old-fashioned Glass

This set was created in collaboration with Soho Home in London. To make the set complete, you can purchase matching flutes, flutes and highball glasses.

All the Colors

Dof old-fashioned glasses

The chic color options for these Old Fashioned glasses are amazing. You can choose from gray, creme or salmon as well as saffron and sage. They can also be washed in the dishwasher.


Old-fashioned glass is still available for purchase

This set includes four glasses with etched measurements so that you can make the perfect cocktail every time.

Textured Blue Crystal

Villeroy Old Fashioned Glass

This glass is different from the traditional double Old Fashioned glass. It has a curving shape and a texture crystal pattern.

Thoughtful Monogramms

Monogrammed old-fashioned glass

This set can be monogrammed for a personal gift.