10 Tips For Dislyte Game

These Dislyte starter hints will guide you through the game and give you a sense of what to expect.

Dislyte is an anime-style squad battle RPG set in a dark future where players can assemble a team of Espers (fighters) and engage in conflicts.

In addition to the primary plot aim, there is a range of alternative battle types, as well as PVP and guilds (called ‘clubs’) — and even a Guitar Hero-style DJ contest.

With just the proper mix of strategic approach and challenge, this game is both gorgeous and inviting. New to Dislyte? We will help you get through the early levels, we’ve put up a list of 10 beginner tips and tactics.

Dislyte Role Playing Game Beginner Tips

10 – Inventory Items with a Limited Time Limit

Some of the gifts and inventory items you receive are restricted in time, so you must use them within a few days or they will be lost. Pay close attention to any goods in your inventory that include a small clock icon. You can find out when you’ll need to use them by clicking on them.

9 – Concentrate on Mission Completion

In RPG games like Dislyte, completing missions is a top objective. As a newbie, you should be aware that finishing Chapter Six is critical to your game advancement. Completing this chapter will reward you with life steal sets, which you may use to improve your character’s skill sets and fight more effectively on the battlefield.

8 – Pay Attention To The Red Dots

You’ll see a lot of menu items highlighted with a red dot early on in the game. This signifies that you’ll be able to claim something, such as a quest challenge or a new item. Allow these missions and training courses to help you through the early phases of the game, as they frequently provide good prizes and can gradually teach you the game’s ins and outs.

7 – Concentrate on one stage and cultivate it for a week.

You can farm one stage indefinitely, just like in other RPGs, and since you start with double XP in your first week of play, it’s better if you intend on getting ahead quickly. Because you’ll have a vast pool of Stamina to employ, it’s fine if you test out a few levels until you discover one that you can pass fast and efficiently.

6 – Make sure your team is well-balanced.

When it comes to team-based games, such as Dislyte, balance is rewarded. To balance out your DPS espers and to mix up area effect and single strikes, you’ll want at least two support espers, such as buffers and healers. It’d be even better if you could throw in a jack-of-all-trades esper to round things out, and keep an eye out for espers who start out strong.

5 – Make use of currencies

Throughout Dislyte, there are several different sorts of currencies, each of which has a distinct purpose and may have multiple uses in the game. Each money kind has a limit, although you can occasionally buy or refill it.

The three types are as follows:

  • Gold is a precious metal. This currency is simple to obtain, and players mostly use it as a means of exchange.
  • Beginners should be dislyte. You can use gold to enhance the relics and upgrade them.
  • Crystals are a high-value currency that can be used to summon Dislyte’s Echo system.
  • Stamina – This is the game’s principal money, and it will be used primarily in the game because all of the game modes require stamina.

4 – It’s All About the Speed

Examine your espers’ abilities to discover how they can assist one another, as they will attack in order of speed. Even if using an esper that benefits from finishing techniques after your arena impact espers have weakened your adversaries may be a good idea, you can control each hero’s speed with the help of relics.

3 – Focus on one character at a time when upgrading.

Characters with high levels of strength will make tackling PvE content much faster and easier, but improving them takes time. Make sure you only have one character, a damage dealer, and that you increase all of their equipment, as well as their level and stats.

2 – Plan Out Your Attacks

If you’ve used all of your strong attacks and only have a few weak adversaries left during the early fight waves, consider using weak buffs or attacks to prolong the battle. This allows your buffs, heals, and strong attacks to reset for a longer period of time, allowing them to prepare for the following wave.

1 – Complete Your Missions Every Day

Daily missions, weekly missions, and quests that may only be performed once will all be available to you. Because you’ll need every Organa (Gem) you can get your hands on as an F2P player, you’ll have to complete the daily assignments every day.

These Dislyte starter hints are designed to help you succeed and learn the game’s fundamental aspects. Even though they are simple things, they will assist you in improving your game and advancing to higher levels.